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Thermal-Lite Insulator Sleeve™ - Large

Thermal-Lite Insulator Sleeve™ - Large

$9.00 $2.00

The Rundown

Hot or cold weather Thermal-Lite™ insulator Sleeve

• Ergonomically contoured bottle insulator
• Great for hot and cold weather use
• Comfortable, fully-cushioned breathable slotted sleeve design
• Insulator is easily removable for maximum versatility and washing
• Large -fits Amphipod 20 ounce Hydraform bottle or Handheld and any standard 16-24 ounce bottle


Perfect for:

Thermal-Lite™ Insulator Sleeves stretch to fit a variety of different size and shape bottles as well as come in two sizes.

Large fits 16-22 oz bottles

Add insulation to Hydraform™ Handheld series for hot/cold weather use with Thermal-Lite Sleeves™.

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