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Runners High Blend - Ground

Runners High Blend - Ground


The Rundown

From Good Sense Coffee:

"To meet my quality expectations I use 3 high end single origin coffees that are good enough to be brewed solo. We roast each of them separately in order to maximize the strengths of each individual coffee and to stretch the flavor profile and complexity of the final product. This is an outstandingly smooth and complex blend that will keep you guessing; “Umm was that lemon? blueberry? almond? dark chocolate? or all four?” 

 This Blend would be considered a Medium roast and is designed to appeal to anyone who wants to experience a Runners High with or without the actual run. So, whether you are heading out for your next outdoor adventure, just getting home from it or simply looking for an outstanding coffee to kick start the day, this coffee was created for you. 

We hope you enjoy!"