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Utilizing the Myofascial Release and Recovery Technology developed and used in the Addaday IRONMAN® BioChair Pro, the Addaday BioZoom features:

    • 5 Intensity Levels (20Hz-60Hz)
    • Digital Display
    • Easy to Use Trigger
    • The Capacity to Withstand 70 lbs. of Pressure, Which allows for Deep Tissue Penetration
    • Nonslip Rubber Grip
    • Balanced Ergonomic Design 
    • 5 Myofascial Release Attachments for Specific Muscle Manipulation and Recovery
    • An Extensive Library of Instructional Videos on Injury Rehab. and Recovery By Dr. Mike Venezia, DC
    • Protective Flight Case with Space for BioZoom, Battery, All 5 Attachments and Charger (suitable for carry-on during airline travel)
    • 2+ hours of battery life off of 1 charge (more than 2 hours on lower intensities)


The BioZoom is a cordless, instrument assisted vibration and percussion device used for both self and partner Myofascial release. A trigger button makes it easy to toggle between 5 different intensities, while 5 interchangeable heads allow for further personalization. This quiet and powerful instrument features pressure resistance technology and when used correctly can help decrease both muscle soreness and pain, facilitate capillary proliferation, increase blood flow and circulation, accelerate warm-up and recovery as well as increase range of motion.