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The OGs

The OGs

Citrine Mimosa Dream
Flamingo-ite Aura Right
Zebra Jasper's Life Coach
Is Mercury In Retrograde?? Again?
Irish For a Day
Kiss Me I'm Sh*tfaced
A Ginger's Soul
Professional Respawner
Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka
Side Scroll Eye Roll
Gardening with a Kraken
Donkey Goggles
Bosley's Basset Hound Dreams
Three Parts Tee
Red White and Booze
Suck It, King George
Pow! Bam! Thank You, Batman!
Whiskey Shots with Satan
Mick and Keith's Midnight Ramble
The Empire Did Nothing Wrong
King Cash's Mescaline Mocktail
Miss The Earth, Miss My Wine
Vincent's Absinthe Night Terrors
Falkor's Fever Dream
Tales From the Cryo-Crypt
Accio, Shades!
Merlin's Squirrel Fetish
Melisandre's Day Care
Run, You Fools!
Sunset Squishee Brian Freeze
Glinda's Resting Witch Face
Power of Voodoo. Who Do? You Do.
Don't Frondle the Palms
Dat Dank Easter Basket Grass
Gangrene Runner's Toe
Going to Valhalla...Witness!
Silver Squat Mobility
Sunbathing with Wizards
Pool Party Pregame
Frank's Llama Land Ditty
Beckys Bachelorette Bacchanal
Flamingos on a Booze Cruise
This is SPARTA!!!! (Its Not)
Phoenix at a Bloody Mary Bar
Uncle O'Grimacey's Shamrock Shots
Carl's Idiot Cousin
Electric Dinotopia Carnival
Nessy's Midnight Orgy
Iced by Yetis
Bump in the Night (Sin City)
Albino Rhino
Merry Flocking Christmas
Swedish Meatball Hangover
Nocturnal Voyage of the Yellow Submarine
Pineapple Painkillers
10 Ways to Kill a Peep
Tiger Blood Transfusion
The Passion of the Crust
It's Tuesday Somewhere
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The Rundown

Classic shape with new levels of style and performance. We designed these shades to look good and fit comfortably on your face whether you’re haulin’ tail down a mountain trail or drinking beers in a Mexican cantina.

Running Lifting, Biking


  • NO SLIP - We use special grip coating to construct our frame to help eliminate slippage when sweating.
  • NO BOUNCE - Our frame is snug and light-weight, with a comfortable fit to prevent bouncing while running.
  • ALL POLARIZED - Glare-reducing, polarized lenses and UV400 protection that blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Citrine Mimosa Dream - $25.00